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It is important to assess cognitive functioning of a person in order to determine the aptitude and thinking skills ability. How a person thinks and solves problems and how he analyses situations.

1. Medico-Legal

Medico legal assessments provide sound evidence and recommendations from which to make informed decisions regarding compensation matters that may be upheld in a court of law. Psycho-legal assessment is psychological assessment in the legal context, thus these assessments are done to provide expert input on a specific aspect of functioning as directed by the question being put before the court. Often a refer is an Attorney who would like to collect evidence regarding a client who has been injured in different circumstance.

We offer the following services regarding psycho-legal work:

  • Medical negligence
  • Personal injuries that affect cognitive skills
  • Road Accident Fund (RAF) assessment of psychological impact after a motor vehicle accident

2. Psycho-Educational Assessment

It is a formal test of cognitive functioning, academic achievement and emotional wellbeing. The first two can be conducted by both the psychometrist and Psychologist and the latter is preferably done by the Psychologist. Psychoeducational assessment is done using standardised tests as well as informal assessment and questionnaires to find out the strengths and weaknesses of people. Children are often assessed to determine how they are coping in formal learning environment. Assessment can further indicate if the child experience barriers to learning. The aim is to recommend interventions that can help the child.

3. School Readiness

The South African Schools Act of 1996 stipulates that all children must start school (Grade 1) in the year that they turn seven. Readiness is an ability to cope at a formal school environment. Sometimes children might be ready in certain areas of learning but other areas still lagging behind. What is often tested during School Readiness assessment includes Visual Perception, Numerical Skills, Spatial, Co-ordination, Memory, Verbal Comprehension and Fine Motor Functioning. Child emotional maturity is also taken into consideration.

The Psychological Report

The Psychomentrist and/or Psychologist write the report, which interprets the findings. The Psychologist finally signs this report.

How the process takes place:

  1. Intake interview with parents (± 1Hr) – gathering information from parents about child conception, milestones and development in general.
  2. Assessment- IQ assessment, Scholastic Assessment (reading, spelling and Maths), Emotional Assessment, Perceptual assessment i.e. Laterality, screening of vision and hearing) about two and half hours (2½ Hrs)
  3. Scoring the test and preparing report
  4. Calling parents in for feedback and recommendations (±1hr)


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